We partner with our clients to deliver custom solutions.

Our team of Techpreneurs own, define & build market-fit products.



We emphasize on an extensive research process with our client's team to take unanimous decisions on the project plan.

  • Market Analysis

    We perform an extending market analysis of the competitors in the market and understand what we can do better and the gaps we can fill.

  • Stakeholder approvals

    Our team conducts meetings with our clients to understand the vision of the product. We understand the business goals and brainstorm to finalize the process and strategies to deliver a product with the best experiences.

  • End user validation and feedback

    As we know that "Customer is King!", we take it as a very serious job to research and learn what the end user wants. We validate, learn and document user feedback for better customer experiences.


Planning & Strategy

We create a research-driven project plan, and organize and create coordination among different areas of the project, including finance, technology, workforce, and other integrated resources

  • Planning

    Once we set the project goals, we are good to proceed further with the most important phase of the development process: "Planning". Planning includes scope, estimation, general workflow, team roles, and much more. It facilitates all the stakeholders with proper access to the process from team management to execution.

  • Modules List

    Our team of experts list down all the independent modules, and timelines associated with each module. We then divide individual modules into smaller modules and tasks. We use our Project management tool to manage these smaller tasks.

  • User Flow Diagrams

    Flow diagrams are "super-duper" important step to map out the complete user experience. Flow diagrams helps us understand and plan out smaller tasks and roadblocks, if any, in the design.


Product Designs

Product designs are crucial elements for successful product development. Our designers take their job sincerely and lay down the best designs which best fits the clients brand and user demographic.

  • Branding

    We love to solve complex brand challenges for our clients, and understanding your audience is central to achieving this. Brand research is about building deep understanding of your customers and potential customers, and uncovering the insights that will lay the foundation for your brand's development.

  • UI/UX

    By focusing on user behaviour and their interaction pattern with applications, our UI/UX services transcends beyond just the aesthetics to being user-centered and content-centric. With an aim to build hyper-personalized experiences, we deliver user experience to improve engagement, usability, and brand recall.
    Our team of UX strategists, information architects and visual designers look at the larger constellation of touch points with audiences to craft innovative UI/UX experiences.
    We push brands to define their image with UI design services and make an enduring impact that drives and inspires users with UX design services.

  • Product Prototype Design

    At InnovaLabs, we offer the highest level of product prototypes. We use the latest technology and machinery to transform your design to a full-scale prototype. We use advanced tools such as 3D product prototyping, also known as rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping has brought a new era in prototyping. This allows taking a computer-generated CAD file and transforming it into a real 3D object.
    Before, rapid prototyping services were available, creating a working prototype required a lot of manual labor. Today with the help of computer 3D models of products, the ability to make a prototype became much easier and cheaper to make.



This is where our engineering team which includes Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineers, Software Developers, DBA and QA start the execution of product plan laid down in the previous steps.

  • Project & Infrastructure setup

    IT security is complex and costly, but partnering with a managed security partner you can trust can make it simpler and cost-effective. Most businesses do not have massive IT budget and lack adequate skilled security experts to address their security concerns effectively. To create more mature and reliable information security systems and policies, savvy organizations are now turning to managed security services for help.
    InnovaLabs Infrastructure services provide unmatched expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and innovative technology, so you can focus on your core business. Since each business is different, we tailor full- scale and reliable IT security management services to the individual requirements of the clients.

  • Web & Mobile App Development

    Our engineering team starts the development process, the project manager communicates vital information about the progress with the stakeholders. Development and testing resources work together to

  • QA Testing

    As enterprises look for nothing less than perfection in their software applications, they are rethinking the conventional quality assurance and testing services and methodologies. They want services that assure application reliability along with flawless user experience. The objective is to have software solutions that enable the business to adapt to the dynamic changes in the industry.
    Our QA and Testing services are designed to cut down the cost of development, speed up time-to-market, and minimize the technical and business risks, irrespective of the complexity of the client’s requirements. Whether desktop, mobile, or digital transformation applications, our software testing experts work with a focused approach to assist clients get more out of our testing efforts while improving time to market and enhancing ROI.


Launch & Scale

This is the most exciting part of the product development journey. Once the engineering is ready with the final product, we get it ready for launch for the end users.

  • Application Deployment

    Our deployment team starts the deployment process by configuring Google Pay Store, App Store and Web server. Our DevOps experts makes deployment easy, future proof, and hassle free.

  • Future proof releases

  • Analytics and Growth

    Imagine having advanced business analytics that gives you the proficiency and ability to see and predict everything. Every interaction with your customer, every fiscal transaction, and every moving part in your supply chain of the organization.

    In this digitally connected world, enterprises require this kind of approach to blending information and insights across people, processes, and diverse data sources to influence important business decisions. It is where InnovaLabs helps organizations combine technology, business-centric models, data sciences, and unlock a great deal of business value with analytics solutions.