Building Melopond, India's first recommendation based radio

Learn how we helped Melopond build their product that provides custom music recommendations to users.

About Melopond

Melopond is an upcoming startup in the music entertainment industry.

Industry: Music & Entertainment
Location: India
Client since: 2018

Our product development helped them build a solid online music system with ML based recommendation engine.

the idea

Build a ML based online radio station

The idea for the product was developed over the years, to solve the problem faced by the independent artists. So, Melopond wanted to launch a comprehensive platform for such artists bundling with a unique ML based recommendation engine.

Innovalabs was approached by Melopond to help them build a web-based solution and a mobile application with an architecture to support high traffic of users. Our software experts with a joint meeting with the Melopond team to understand the current challenges and come up with a solution based on our expertise.

the solution

A complete platform developed with all aspects of performance and experience.

Innovalabs has been the key to our technology product development, from architecture, design to development, quality assurance, and deployment to maintenance. Their continuous work on the product has lead to a complete and market ready product.

Product Development Testimonial
Kushagra Anand
Chief Executive Officer

For us it is very important to understand the vision of our client's idea, which helps us deliver a product they have imagined. After getting inline with the vision behind the product, we were able to come up with a product with a mix of advance web and mobile technologies and adding to that a ML based recommendation engine.

It is easy to reach to the customers expectations in terms of design and features. Our experts designed a platform which meets all aspects of a perfect product like security, scalability and performance.

We continuously worked with their team to bring constant improvements to the User Experience, Security and Performance. We have built a very light weight system to handle a heavy weight traffic.

the result

Startup awards & recognition as one of the most innovative platform

Melopond has been recognized as one of the most innovative startup thanks to it's well designed platform, approached by the top investment companies makes it the most sought-after startups.

Melopond online radio platform can now record beats per minutes for every music which gives the user a customized user experience based on their mood and style of music.

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