March 18th, 2020

Make Artificial Intelligence work for your organization

From image and speech recognition, medical diagnosis, and self-driving vehicles to personalized healthcare, there are many possible applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning across industries:

  • Fraud detection: Ability to compare millions of transactions and distinguish precisely between legitimate and fraudulent transactions
  • Data Security: Identify patterns in how data in the cloud is accessed, and report anomalies that could predict security breaches
  • Marketing: Helps to increase the likelihood of a user clicking by programming targeted ads and optimizing what product mix to display
  • Recommendations: Ability to determine what you might like to buy or binge watch next by analyzing millions of other users
  • Security screening: Eliminate false alarms and spot things human screeners might miss in security screenings to ensure safer events
  • Online search: Google and its competitors are constantly improving what the search engine understands to deliver a better result in the future
  • Language mining: Language processing can stand in for customer service agents and more quickly route customers to the required information

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