March 30th, 2020

Now is the time for organizations to hire a remote agile team

  • This is the first big step that entails organizations enabling their IT teams to build a fool-proof and effective foundation for a remote workplace.
  • Adopt a cloud-based, unified endpoint management strategy and deploy supporting solutions to help IT admins remotely to build, configure, deploy, update, and manage IT services.
  • Include digital communication and collaboration tools to boost productivity.
  • Enterprises should consider deploying cloud-based, smart PAM solutions that can reduce the difficulty of streamlining workflows, as well as provision and de-provision access to corporate data based on prescribed roles.

  • A global pandemic might present an ideal opportunity for cybercriminals to carry out their dastardly deeds. It is crucial for IT teams to employ sound security practices and solutions to secure such virtual environments to stay compliant throughout the course.

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