March 18th, 2020

Benefits of DevOps for CEOs, CIOs and IT Managers

15 Benefits of DevOps for CEOs, CIOs and IT Managers:

  1. Improved operational support and faster fixes
  2. Good processes across IT a...

May 14th, 2020

DevOps In The Time Of Coronavirus

The main task of a DevOps engineer is to make sure the software works both from developers standpoint and infrastructure standpoint. When you imple...

May 26th, 2020

Digital Transformation Is More About A DevOps Culture

DevOps is an enterprise software development method where the agility of software deployment is highly optimized by a single team of cross-function...

August 17th, 2020
Managed IT Services

Managed service provider - An outsourced resource but with a more collaborative setup

One of the most common examples of managed IT services at present is cloud services, where SMBs lacking expertise and resources can use a managed s...