March 31st, 2020

Working with remote professionals would help your organization save costs and boost productivity in the pandemic.

Remote working is an example of business information that works on multiple levels. It serves the need of individual employees, it provides businesses with new resilient and adaptive ways to engage with their ecosystem and deliver economic value.

Here are some insights into how leaders make the most of remote working.

  • Hire an IT support team - Working with remote professionals would help your organization save costs and boost productivity in the pandemic.
  • Going digital means more than just using technology - Working in digital spaces is about more than just applying digital tools and technology. It is about thinking about new behaviors and making sure everyone has the ability to use any tech tools seamlessly.
  • Strengthen a culture of inclusion - An enabling business culture that surrounds your organization's transition to remote working is also critical for meaningful change. Ultimately, what holds a distributed and virtual workplace is the trust, patience, and support employees have for one another.
  • Be authentic and engage - At the individual level is arguably where the most important changes can occur. Reducing the isolation of working remotely takes commitment from individuals at all levels of the organization.
  • Learn together to shape the future of work - Embracing remote work and virtual collaboration is one of the most impactful things employers can do today to address the increasing complexity of the current public health and economic crisis.

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