August 15th, 2019

CI/CD to automate deployments of your projects

Modern technology solutions demand faster development and deployment than ever. CI/CD assist developers to deliver their code at a much higher speed and transparency. CI/CD could be defined as a practice followed by developers to write their code more quickly and deploy it safely for users, adding value and saving significant amount of time. Code script executions are automated to decrease chances of bugs/errors while improving the application. This, in turn requires lesser human intervention from development to deployment. Every small iteration is built, tested and deployed reducing the possibilities of developing new code to fix bugs from the previous versions.

What is Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery?

Imagine your application is built and deployed within a repository. Developers work on a new piece of code every day. Continuous Integration enable developers to type a separate set of scripts to automate the testing of the piece of code added along with the complete application. This reduces the chances of having new errors within your application and to ensures the changes made pass through all tests and guidelines. Continuous Delivery is a step beyond Continuous Integration. Your application is not only tested continuously but also the new piece of code is added to the repository. The code deployment is checked manually to ensure strategic value.


Image Source: Gitlab

We hope you have gained a basic idea on CI/CD methodology, click here to talk to our tech team if you are looking for help with CI/CD for your project. Although CI/CD could be applied to every software architecture, our technology team have experienced its pros and cons for improved user engagement.

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