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Know about Cloud Migration Services: Why it is Important for your Business

What’s cloud migration? Or how does cloud migration works? If you want to know about the cloud migration process, this is the right place to start with. This article covered everything you need to know about cloud migration, including cloud migration companies, Google cloud migration, and AWS cloud migration.

Maybe you can guess from the word ‘migration’ itself that, there is something related to transfer. And the cloud is the medium of this migration. Let’s dive to the next segment to know the cloud migration process’s technical approach and why it is important to use this technique in any business.

Topics covered in this article:

  • What is Cloud Migration Process
  • Cloud Migration Solution
  • Companies offering Cloud Migration Consulting
  • Google Cloud Migration
  • AWS Cloud Migration

What is Cloud Migration Process?

When we transfer enterprise workloads to a private or public cloud, the process is known as the cloud migration process. There are cloud migration companies like AWS, Google, Infosys, Capgemini, Logicworks, etc who provide cloud migration solutions with different terms and conditions.

If you ask why you need to migrate the company data over the cloud, you need to imagine how enterprise workloads complicate our daily operations. There are n numbers of software, business elements, raw data for each company. Now if there is no modernized technique to handle the whole enterprise, these make several problems regarding workflow, security, cost, and access.

The cloud migration process comes up with distinct benefits and drives the core business strategies by taking care of the enterprise workloads. In simpler words, cloud migration solutions move the workload to the cloud so you can focus on the business strategies and devote more effort to get a pace in the respective market.

Each technical method has certain steps to follow. So does the cloud migration process. If you want to get cloud migration consulting for your business, it may be from Google cloud migration or AWS cloud migration, you need to have a clear picture of the method. So, let’s have a quick understanding of the cloud migration process.

Cloud migration solution

Cloud migration companies follow a general process to migrate the workloads including business elements, information, and software. Then they offer some distinct, additional services as well. Before we go to the cloud migration consulting providers, let us discuss the process.

Cloud computing is everywhere now. To manage huge enterprise workloads, cloud support is important for every small and large business. Generally, there are two types of cloud migration processes. One is on-premises to public cloud and another is cloud-to-cloud data transfer.

The public cloud is a platform where many users can access the compute resources through the internet. On the other hand, the private cloud maintains immense security. It uses proprietary architecture to keep the data confined within a particular data center. Next, we also have a hybrid cloud. These types of cloud are used to transfer data between the private and public cloud. Any business uses Infrastructure as a service or IaaS with a private cloud migration process.

There are DevOps, databases, APIs, web applications, business documents, and other stuff that are included in the cloud to ease the business process in a long run. So, now if you’re looking for cloud migration consulting services from different companies, scroll down to the next segment.

Companies offering cloud migration consulting

As cloud computing in business is a relatable strategy for many successful companies, you might look for some best cloud migration companies. What all they do? As the name suggests, some companies help you to manage the enterprise workload for you by providing cloud computing services, cloud migration processes for the different workloads and keep them secure.

Now, what are the advantages of cloud migration consulting? Here are some points to consider.

  • Security: Let us take security in the very first place. With fast-paced technology like cloud migration solutions, there are risks associated with. Mostly, for the private cloud, you need to choose cloud migration companies with authorized security.
  • Computing tools: Cloud solution provides offer the tools and services necessary to migrate workloads to the cloud with the service itself.
  • Focus on business logic: Instead of trying to manage the huge enterprise and database load, you need to focus on the core strategies to extend your business boundaries. To help you with the enterprise, there is cloud technology.
  • Micro-business opportunities: If you wonder how is it possible to get success by making the business size small. It is possible with cloud migration solutions. The enterprise became smaller, even becomes micro is size with an efficient environment which is the cloud system and it makes your business more efficient with bigger opportunities to handle.
  • Cost reduction: As per recent observations, cloud migration may decrease the IT cost by 30-50% after using cloud migration solutions. It also gives you the freedom to hire augmented staff, provides an environment that is flexible enough for the employees to work on a go.

Now with all the aforementioned points, it is time to name the two giants in the field of cloud service. AWS cloud migration and Google cloud migration. How do they work? What are the benefits? Let’s find out in the next couple of lines.

Google Cloud Migration

Google cloud platform (GCP) is a public service offered by Google, with few modernized add-ons in cloud migration consulting. There are some advantages offered by this giant company that leads to these recommendations.

Advantages of Google cloud migration:

  • Pricing: Google cloud migration is comparatively new in cloud service. But they are offering almost the same service at a lower price rate. It is good to start with GCP.
  • Security: When it is Google, there is security guaranteed to your business. It is similar to the global-scale services offered by Google in google applications or google search.
  • Strong network: Google's cloud migration service is working with one of the biggest networks in the world. They have a high-speed cable network laying their fiber-optic cables under the ocean. They launched standard-tier and premium-tier networks.
  • Live migration: GCP offers live cloud migration from any virtual machines with no downtime. This live migration process helps Google to address problems like patching, repairing, and updating without worrying about machine reboots.

And yes, there is competition. Google’s one of the biggest competition in cloud service is AWS. How AWS is working? Let’s see.

AWS Cloud Migration

Amazon Web service is a big name in cloud computing. They are providing cloud services for a long time and many top companies are using AWS. With a high demand in the market, they have some distinct benefits for choosing AWS cloud migration services.

Advantages of Google cloud migration:

  • Performance: With AWS cloud migration you can deploy, manage, and monitor the applications thoroughly with the best service provided. Their performance is their strength and it can support your business performance for every type of scale.
  • Agile: AWS has a flexible platform to offer. You can use the IT resources to innovate faster. It allows you to run the business with optimum resources. You can choose between a vast range of operating systems (OS), databases, web application platforms, and programming languages.
  • Simple: The service offered by this cloud migration company is user-friendly. Whether it is a new or existing application, with the quick performance you can manage the business process easily.
  • Scalability: It requires adaptivity to evolve the growing market quickly. With AWS cloud migration you can choose diverse tools and elements, auto-scaling for better performance.

Both the cloud migration companies have their strong points to attract the business. Now it is up to the requirement, budget, and time that any of these cloud migration consulting companies can choose to lift a business.

Now it is hard to choose one service provider from so many different cloud migration companies. And many businesses hesitate to choose a big name as there is a lot of complexity like cost, availability, etc. So why don’t you give it a try? Don’t miss the opportunity to get high-class cloud migration counseling from Innovalabs.

FAQs on Cloud Migration

Who is better between Google cloud migration and AWS cloud migration?

Both are big names in these fields. Google is comparatively new than AWS but both have unique services. For detailed information, you can check the article.

As a beginner, which cloud migration solution should I choose?

It is always better to have a good experience at the beginning. If you think AWS or GCP is risky, you can try Innovalabs cloud solutions.


In short, cloud migration solutions are worth using for small or large-scale businesses to aim for the long-term goal. Several cloud migration companies have been associating with businesses to guide the path to success. If you want to be on that success list, make sure you walk according to the market and technology.

In this article, we have covered the cloud migration processes, cloud migration companies, and the advantages of cloud migration. Hope this article brings some constructive suggestions to your venture.

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