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The Internet is evolving! And cloud computing is the stage where businesses are heavily focusing right now. Cloud computing powers the infrastructure, applications, business software, ease out the process without being present at any physical location, ease out collaborations between teams, Data can be accessed, managed & delivered to you as a service at any time and place.

Cloud Infrastructure Services  focuses on thought leadership, competencies in the domain of Cloud Computing. Innovalabs Cloud Services enables enterprises for Cloud Native Transformation , adoption and migration to Multi Cloud Solutions and Kubernetes . Innovalabs Provides Managed Cloud And IT Infrastructure Services and Migration to High-Performance Cloud Data Centers.

Innovalabs provides the finest cloud computing services for your business software or applications that will give a boost to your business in many ways. Most of the projects that we have completed for our clients are hosted on the cloud.

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Manage cloud infrastructure

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Service

Cloud Consulting Services provides Cloud Assessment and Audit of your existing On-Premises and Cloud Infrastructure and recommend new Cloud Infrastructure Solutions. Innovalabs Cloud Computing Assessment and Strategy will list down the points of improvement and process to migrate/optimize to Public Cloud or Build On-Premises Cloud Infrastructure using Openstack, Docker and Kubernetes.

Storage Databases for Public Cloud

We provide RAIDstroage Databases that are used with persistent block storage provided by a public cloud-like AWS EBS, Azure Disk and Google Cloud Persistent Storage for databases like Cassandra, MongoDB, MYSQL and Druid.

Container Security Services and Solutions

Cloud Monitoring Services and Solutions provides infrastructure, processes, applications and Hosts monitoring and alerting solutions. Next-generation Cloud Monitoring Solution provides Predictive Intelligence

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Innovalabs' Cloud Storage Solution provides Block and Object Storage Solution using SWIFT and CepH storage integrated with Amazon S3 Storage. Also, Cloud Backup Services will create automated backup service for your application with your Infrastructure.
Join hands with us to get the best consultation on cloud hosting and cloud computing.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting

Innovlabs provides AWS Cloud Computing Consultation from the start to end. You don’t have to worry about a single thing because we have AWS experts at Innovalabs who will consult through an entire process of shifting your application on cloud.


Google Cloud Engine (GEC) Consulting

Innovalabs provides Google Cloud Experts who will help you transport your business to the cloud. We provide Google Cloud Consulting in major areas of GEC. We have a vast experience in hosting application on Google Cloud in areas like Media, Mobile Apps, Big Data, Financial Services, Gaming, etc.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing

Innovalabs has a wide experience in working with Microsoft Azure, hence we will be a right choice for your next cloud project. Microsoft Azure Cloud Consultants at Innovalabs will guide you throughout the entire process, so you can shift your business to the cloud and take the maximum advantage!

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Solutions and Processes
Steps to manage your cloud infrastructure




 Scope –  Timeline – Budget

Build Microservices Architecture for Application

Build API and Hosting Platform as a Service with Docker and Kubernetes

Cloud Storage Solution using SWIFT, CepH

DevOps Consulting, DevOps Assessment, and DevOps Enablement

Cloud Infrastructure Automation and Monitoring

Hybrid Cloud Deployment Using AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

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