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Cloud migration
Optimise the cost, agility and scalability of your IT ecosystem, by taking the best of your current infrastructure and integrating it with the cloud.

We adopt a four-stage process to migrate your datacentre to an Azure, AWS or GCP cloud solution, quickly and securely. We work with you to categorise your applications and design a new infrastructure and migration plan. We’ll consider things like integration possibilities, security improvements, latency improvements, scalability and innovation – so we can design the best solution for your business

We will help you
Integrate your infrastructure with the cloud.

Boost operational efficiency

Innovalabs has almost a decade of expertise in cost-efficient software infrastructure development and optimization – helping you deliver your core service with the improved reliability and availability of a Cloud-based solution.

Become more agile

We’ll analyze your current infrastructure and design the best configuration to promote scalability and extendibility. You can add pay-as-you-go services, allowing you to flexibly meet demand as your business grows, assess ‘what-if’ scenarios and respond to performance challenges.

Develop a new architecture faster

We use a unique tool to calculate potential cost optimizations and the total cost of ownership (TCO). Our extensive experience in custom software development allows us to cut the length of your design phase by up to three times.

Improve data security

84% of enterprises have already adopted a multi-cloud strategy and on-premise infrastructure, for added security. We’ll help you migrate your datacentre to an IaaS platform like Azure, which meets international and industry-specific security standards and stands up against rigorous third-party audits.

Flex and integrate your infrastructure

Our team of experts will help you choose the right combination of Cloud resources to meet your specific requirements. We’ll integrate your existing Microsoft Power BI, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Flow or any other tool with the appropriate Cloud solution, for flexibility and efficiency.
Partner with Innovalabs to become more agile, scalable and efficient, via the Cloud

How we help

Assessment and design

We work with you to categorise your application with the assessment of your requirements which will help us to design a new infrastructure for you.



We define a comprehensive migration plan that creates the most seamless transfer, without disruption of your core business, using tried and tested DevOps methodologies to manage your infrastructure.


We use the optimisation phase to consider geo location-specific pricing, services and data storage; scaling scenarios and containerising your critical applications.


Once we’ve implemented a successful migration, we’ll help you maintain and manage your resources, applications and data, through centralised monitoring system.

Solutions and Processes
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Integration possibilities


Quality assurance

New infrastructure

Successful migration

Centralised monitoring system


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