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Innovalabs’s consulting services help you decrease time to market, makes your IT infrastructure more agile and better internal collaboration.

If you want your product to have a shorter time-to-market, more reliable software development lifecycle, more cost-efficient infrastructure management — DevOps methodology is the way to go. The best way to do it quickly is by hiring one of DevOps consulting firms to deliver the required transition to DevOps, instead of trying to raise the team in-house. Innovalabs has strong expertise in providing DevOps consulting services and we are glad to help your business!Innovalabs can help your IT teams learn the latest DevOps tools, trends, and best practices through remote Centers of Excellence, where our DevOps engineers will remotely explain how to configure and manage Terraform and Kubernetes clusters, Jenkins pipelines, Ansible playbooks and other tools for infrastructure management automation. There are lots of areas where external DevOps expertise can be very beneficial for your business: IT infrastructure optimization, design, and implementation of cloud-native infrastructure, security and performance audit, system optimization, preparation of cloud migration to another provider or transition to the cloud from legacy servers, etc. Innovalabs can provide ready solutions to help you save time and money and not reinvent the wheel.

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Collaborative working patterns

DevOps is a practice that every product should follow. It brings both developers and operations together to form a smaller and active product development cycle.

Faster deployment

Implementation and setup of correct CI/CD tools and processes make the deployment faster as code gets tested automatically and gets approval.

Expert resources

At Innovalabs, the teams of data scientists are highly experienced and can set up various tools like single sign-on/LDAP authentication, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Gradle, and AWS.

100% uptime

By following the practice of continuous monitoring of the production environment, any anomaly can be pre-detected and prevented.

Hybrid technology architecture

DevOps helps in creating a product with a hybrid solution and taking the best of each technology.

Load balancing and backup capabilities

Due to VCS auto backups are created. It can also facilitate rollbacks and become artifacts of the system progress. DevOps can also help to configure load balancing as it understands the system’s operations.
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How We help

Our solutions architects start by gaining an in-depth understanding of the problems they need to solve, your objectives and any impacts. The DevOps experts use this stage to define the right strategy for your desired estimate timelines and scope of work, evaluate risks and identify possible roadblocks.

The DevOps experts now start setting up multiple development environment by writing automation scripts, and defining project infrastructure.

Innovalabs’s DevOps engineers now start the release process integrated with continuous testing to ensure delivery of a quality product. The infrastructure is tested for scalability and it’s robustness to handle large amount of processes running concurrently.

One of our key services after the deployment of the infrastructure is Managed IT Services. It is very important to keep an close eye on the running infrastructure for a smooth functioning of the business processes, our experts do regular system and security check to ensure the infrastructure is running 24/7.

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