Managed IT Services
Increased Reliability Of Infrastructure And Cost Predictability
The mounting costs and expertise required to stay current and competitive can be crippling to many organisations.

The IT aspect of a business that is outsourced/offloaded to an external entity is termed as the provision of managed IT services. Ensuring a healthy IT environment requires constant attention and the availability of highly skilled staff. This could consume and exhaust your technology resources in turn, leaving you with significantly less time for development and overwhelming choices on workforce retention. Experienced teams might also not choose to perform such mundane and repetitive task. 

At Innovalabs, we execute technology with a long term vision. We believe in letting companies commence their businesses and grow at a consistent pace without any hindrances for technological requirements. Our experiences in the technology domain help us help you make the right choices and take the guesswork out of IT decisions. 

Business outcomes today depend on effective and efficient IT. Does your IT deliver or hold you back?
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We ensure scalability within our solutions to let your teams grow without any technical obstacles. Complete security and compliance testing, regularly determining the effectiveness of your systems. 

The objective of Managed Services is to remotely manage, monitor and protect company data and technology infrastructure with a solid long-term MSP partner. This allows your business to focus on growth and doing what it does best.

The Managed Services Provider assumes responsibility for remote monitoring, management, proactive maintenance and problem resolution. This is usually performed on all IT systems, desktops, laptops, servers as well as the local computer network.

Keeping track of maintenance items such as backups, patches and security, etc. is very essential. The odds greatly increase that one will face an IT service outage hurting employee productivity which results in a loss of data and revenue.

A managed services platform can monitor, detect and alert on many failure conditions. This is much more efficient than the break-fix methodology. It uses technology to manage technology. It enables smaller problems to be caught and resolved before turning into larger ones. In addition, repairs are handled faster and more efficiently.

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Reduce IT infrastructural and operational cost and increase organization performance.
Managed Services Key Elements


Technology operations are observed 24x7 by our team to ensure immediate attention during a probable service outage.


Analysis and reports are churned to foresee any probable issue that might affect operational continuity

Proactive Support

Technical resources available on priority for any assistance required by the client

Remote Support

Support over call ensures all time availability, in turn, strengthening clients dependency on the MSP (Managed Service Provider)


MSP teams maintain the data and their backup ensuring minimal effect on client business during a transition, natural calamity


MSP teams are up to date with technology, security, and compliances. Thoroughly improving the infrastructure to be future-ready in terms of technological disruptions
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