Application auditing
Product audit
Innovalabs helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current software products and processes – so you can avoid risk and minimise revenue loss.

We’ll create an initial audit outline based on your business needs, project scope and goals, then conduct a full development and software evaluation – keeping you informed at every step. Our rigorous product audit helps you identify bottlenecks and snagging points within your software, development and\or testing processes – saving your valuable time and revenue.

We will help you
Evaluate your current software solutions

Identify any potential flaws in your SDLC

With an unbiased evaluation of your current products, internal processes and documents, we’ll help you identify the strengths, weaknesses and any potential risks within your SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) – for a stronger software solution.

Build the best possible product

Our rigorous QA testing will put your product through its paces against industry-acknowledged IEEE 829, ISO 29119, IEEE 730, ISO 25010 standards. We operate under a robust and completely unbiased framework, to maximize efficiency and give you the best chance of detecting bottlenecks – ahead of launch.

Evaluate your project artefacts

We’ll put your project documentation and software outputs (Dev, QA, BA, UX, PM, InfoDev, DevOps streams) through their paces – helping you improve business maturity.

Create a solid software action plan

Together, we’ll identify any issues with your project maturity and business analysis processes, using stringent diagnostics. So you’ll be able to maximize future efficiency. Post-evaluation, we’ll work with you to create a solid framework for the future of your software operations, and we’ll follow up so we can be confident of your success.

Minimize post-release product issues

We’ll validate the end-to-end performance of your applications, to help you detect software defects before your product goes live. So you can proactively identify and fix defects that could hinder product performance and damage your brand.
Get an unbiased evaluation of your current software solution and build a roadmap for future development, with Innovalabs

How we help

Development process audit

We’ll evaluate the stability of each aspect of your process framwork with development and release process.



Audit structure

Our team of experts run detailed diagnostics on the strength of your software solution by identifying the needs and goals of your business. We’ll then verify our findings and implement the audit recommendations with a proper action plan.


Once we’ve completed your evaluation, we’ll provide you with a summary report detailing any discrepancies –  along with their severity, risks, and recommendations.

Product Design
Solutions and Processes
Steps to your Product Audit




 Scope –  Timeline – Budget

Code quality

Integration layer

Documentation quality

Quality assurance atributes

Audit implementation

Project management flow

Organisational framwork (RACI)

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