IT Staff Augmentation

Do you want to boost your capacity or need an extra layer of expertise that’s missing from your existing in-house resource? Our software experts are ready to integrate with your team at any stage of your SDLC.



Dedicated teams

Innovalabs’s engineers are assigned to a particular client. Engineers are not allocated to other projects or accounts. Your team’s know-how will help reduce risks along the way and will remain intact over the life cycle of our services.

Competent Recruitment

Our hiring process is actively ensures immediate access to the best IT professionals in the market. Our process allows us to provide qualified candidates and staff open positions in a matter of days, regardless of the team size or role complexity.

Expert resources

We rigorously test for logical/mathematical reasoning skills, technical ability and soft skills in our interview process. Only those engineers who score highly across each of these areas are presented to our clients.

Save Time

Comply with your deadlines and put our round the clock recruitment process to work for your team. Staff Augmentation helps you saves you the time of placing vacancies and conducting various interviews.

Maintain Control

Innovalabs’s engineers quickly integrate themselves with your team’s processes and report to your team’s management and participate actively in daily meetings and progress reports.

Time overlap

Worried about the time difference? We provide upto 20 hours of overlap time for our offshore clients every week on special request. Our project manager helps you manage the project with offshore resources.


How Innovalabs' Staff Augmentation Work?

We understand your technical requirement and allocate the best fit resources to your project. You on-board the team to your team channels and project management tools or use ours. Innovalabs gives your business a great opportunity to build an efficient and effective remote tech development team without stress.

We assign a team/project manager who would act as a bridge between your team and Innovalabs’s team. This makes sure that there are no gaps in communication and the transition is smooth.

Once the team members and the team manager are on-boarded they are ready to start work on the project, they will constantly communicate with your team on daily basis and as a part of this service we provide overlap time so the two teams can work together for given period of time every day.

Do you need experts to help you close the skill gap in your team?

Our Success Stories

Product Engineering

Build a team of highly skilled software engineers.

Innovalabs will stand as an extension of your team, bringing top level talents and expertise to your company. If you have urgent projects to deliver and need dedicated remote software developer, then we can offer you one. Also, you can get access to skilled tech manpower that will take charge and add value to your business.

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Our Solution and process to

Hire the best talent

Are you in need of remote software developers that fit in perfectly to your business needs? Then take advantage of Innovalabs remote staffing solutions for developing your software applications. You having a strong developmental team is a vital step towards achieving the success of a tech-based company.

1. Requirements Gathering

Project details

Required Technology stack

Project Scoping, Timeline

2. Workflow

Team allocation

Assign tasks

Performance tracking

3. Deliverables

Daily progress reports

Comply with your deadlines

Constant team support

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