Machine Learning in the Cloud

We use machine learning software and algorithms to help enterprise develop AI-driven solutions. Our dedicated team has advanced knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and integrating Artificial Intelligence solutions within the customer’s business environment.


Reveal the truth behind user interactions and expectations.

Use data to boost sales

We help clients in e-commerce, retail, fashion and more unlock valuable data insights to tailor their service via personalization and targeted e-commerce offers, reduce churn and drive sales. Smart recommendations engage buyers and provide faster conversion, increasing average order value and reducing sales overheads.

Improve business efficiency

We help the logistics and agriculture sectors integrate technologies that allow for predictive maintenance, smart route planning, and yield optimization, while our finance clients benefit from process automation, fraud analytics and risk management.

Effectively manage risks

Innovalabs'’ machine learning services help you implement predictive analytics models that allow you to instantly qualify leads, quantify successes and predict market demand and resolve challenges. This lets you focus efforts and investments where you’re likely to get the very best ROI.

Enhance operational performance

We’ll help you optimize key processes like call center workload optimization, manage your assets for better cost balance and optimize parts and inventory. You’ll improve controls, measure and manage performance with ease and reduce your time and budget resource.

Deliver exceptional & intelligent UX

We can help you develop smart digital assistants that provide swift, personalized responses. Using natural language processing you can transform unstructured content into meaningful data. It improves all aspects of computer-to-human communication, so you’ll deliver a new level of user experience that boosts acquisition and retention.

What we do?

Providing artificial intelligence consulting and AI software development to startups and large enterprises we noticed that although the company structures may be totally different, both startups and enterprise clients face the same challenges planning new data initiatives. Our clients either don’t have their own data science teams, or their team is too small to cope with all the tasks in the environment of a fast-growing company. Our team of world-class data scientists and machine learning engineers will bring know-how to your project from day one.

Machine learning experts

Transform your data into intelligent UX that drives sales, with Machine learning.


What tasks do we perform?

Situational analysis We’ll assess your current operational performance, then define any challenges, bottlenecks, priorities and opportunities.
Data science strategy We define a data strategy based on your assets available and how well it answers your business goals, before building business cases to kick start the process.
Defining your ultimate goals Our data science experts undertake a rigorous analysis of how your business goals match the modelling approach and understand where the gaps in performance and technology are, to define the next steps.
Creating a roadmap We design a roadmap that encompasses programs that will help you reach your goals, what the key objectives are within each program and all necessary project milestones.
Defining scope and requirements We work with you to validate business understanding and define your criteria for success. Our team will prepare your data for analysis and recommend which data to use and how.
Modeling We move on to PoC development, where we can validate initial ideas before we begin pre-testing on your real-world data.
Model validation We breathe life into your vision by creating a production model, making any adjustments necessary to ensure seamless integration.
Real-world integration With you and your stakeholders 100% happy, we move on to full-scale development – integrating the model within your real production environment.