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Web Security Compliance Solutions

From hackers to competitors, there is a glut of untrusted sources who want to breach your web security and use the data for their interest. Innovalabs keep your data safe from all these untrusted sources and maintain the confidentiality of your business. Whether you are Fintech or Healthcare enterprise, we stand like a wall in between your data and security breaches.

Application Security Redefined

Here’s how we safeguard your web applications

Insider Threat Intelligence

Insider Threat Intelligence (ITI) is an ideal practice that helps you recognize internal business threats and respond to them with automated security solutions. Innovalabs expertise in implementing ITI automation for detecting threats and integrating resources to maintain data confidentiality. Our professionals ingest your business requirements and implement ITI accordingly.

Web Application Security Audit

Web security audit plays a crucial role in mitigating cybersecurity threats. In Security Audit, your website is scanned using advanced algorithms to find out weak areas that can be exploited by hackers. Innovalabs scans your website from its core including extensions, themes, SSL connections, etc., and strengthens the website with A-S-SDLC to survive cyber-attacks.

AWS Security Best Practices

AWS Cloud is the most reliable cloud platform that facilitates you with managed databases and a gamut of services. Although it is a secured platform it comes with various challenges like CSP selection, transparency, uniform policies, etc. We expertise in AWS security best practices including federated SSO, MFA, data encryption, backup, and much more.


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