AI based integrated solution for Production and Post Production work

About ME Suite

ME Suite brings to the Media Industry a change to the way how teams work during Production and Post Production.

Industry: Media Technology
Location: USA
Active since: 2017

Our AI experts built a custom solution to cut pre and post production process like generating deliverable documents, and preventing risks related to every element of a video production.

A Successful custom web and mobile secure products built with industries best software developers.

the idea

Build a unique automation product for the media industry

ME Suite business model focuses on innovation, reduced cost and saving time. They recognised the problem with the media industry had to be addressed, there is lot of manual paperwork involved in a shoot which in today' day and age doesn't seem right. There was a lot of scope for innovation is order to reduce manual tasks so the resources can be utilised for other productive purposes.

They wanted a team with experience of building enterprise products used by the Fortune 500 companies, our prior experience of building industry leading products, inculcated a lot of confidence in ME Suite to work with us.

the solution

Parralel delivery of end user web and mobile app

I’ve worked with a lot of product development companies, and when it comes to outsourcing software development teams, I trust Innovalabs.

Product Development Testimonial
Chris B.
Founder & CEO

Innovalabs' provided a full-cycle development which includes project management, product designs, web development, mobile app development, quality assurance, security solutions, DevOps, and Managed IT services.

Before ME Suite, the media industry would spend hours and days manually generating video, audio, graphics reports, and creating, signing and managing paperwork. Innovalabs developed multiple sub-systems which work independently and together to save time and money of the media industry.

the result

Platform used by Viacom, Snapchat, HBOMax, CNN, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video just to name a few

The ME Suite platform has received a lot of appreciation by the world's top media companies which has lead to increase in revenue by 500X and over 80% client retention.

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