Cloud Infrastructure Services

Cloud Computing is the new trendsetter evolving business to extreme efficiency and productivity. Reinvent your migration processes with Innovalabs’s professional cloud migration services. Let’s collaborate to make cloud migration securer and more efficient than ever before.

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How do we evolve the cloud infrastructure?

Get your Cloud Computing optimized by the experts

Enterprise Cloud Migration Solutions

Cloud data migration has gained popularity for leveraging automation in enterprise processes since its introduction. Innovalabs uses AWS cloud migration tools like Amazon S3 storage and automates the cloud migration process of your business. Along with that, our professionals meet your cloud storage requirements using advanced technologies like SWIFT and CepH integrated with Amazon S3.

Cloud migration planning and consultation

Cloud migration is efficient, but complicated processes vary from business to business. You might need professional support to create a cloud migration plan for your business. Here Innovalabs comes into the picture with a team of professionals and advanced technologies to meet your requirements. Our professionals are available 24*7 consultation and help you create cloud infrastructure with a cloud migration checklist.

Converged Infrastructure Management and Deployment

Hyperconverged migration infrastructure is an innovative process to make your business compatible with virtualization and cloud environments. Innovalabs helps you in transforming the data centers into a web-scaled infrastructure using Openstack, Docker, and Kubernetes. Our professionals audit your existing infrastructure and make necessary improvements for better deployment to the local servers.

Local Cloud databases and storage management

Deploying data or data migration to a public cloud server needs sufficient storage for the expected productivity. Considering this, Innovalabs came up with RAIDstorage databases using AWS, EBS, Azure Disk, and the Google Cloud persistent storage. The RAIDstorage is ideally designed for databases like Cassandra, MongoDB, MYSQL, and Druid to make them work at level best.

Streamlined Container Security

In cloud migration, the data is transferred in various containers that include the product code and its dependencies while migrating the data. Innovalabs cloud monitoring services protect data leakages using hosting monitoring and alerting solutions. Our professionals use the next-generation cloud monitoring technologies VMWare, Xen, CenturyLink, etc., for an intelligent prediction and solution to threats.

Efficient and Cost-effective migration

With Innovalabs solutions, cloud migration becomes efficient, reliable, and cost-effective to meet your requirements. Our professionals excel in implementing CI/CD in your cloud migration process to reduce deployment time and make it more efficient than ever before. Furthermore, we use auto-scalable architectures that reduce the cloud consumption as well as the overall cost.

What we do?

Architecture Analysis & Design

We understand your application, and it's need which helps us design an architecture plan with an optional migration plan. Our cloud architects make sure that you get a secure, scalable, and improved architecture.

Architecture Implementation & Optimisation

Our experts start implementing the architecture which combined with DevOps methodology makes the development and deployment process seamless. We offer support to optimize the architecture to handle proper scaling, region based pricing and storage solutions.

Managed Support

Our managed services helps you monitor your system with constant health checks which helps manage your application resources better.


What tasks do we perform?

01. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting

Innovalabs provides AWS Cloud Computing Consultation from the start to end. You don’t have to worry about a single thing because we have AWS experts at Innovalabs who will consult through an entire process of shifting your application on cloud.

02. Google Cloud Engine (GCE) consulting

Innovalabs provides Google Cloud Experts who will help you transport your business to the cloud. We provide Google Cloud Consulting in major areas of GEC. We have a vast experience in hosting application on Google Cloud in areas like Media, Mobile Apps, Big Data, Financial Services, Gaming, etc.

03. Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Consulting

Innovalabs has a wide experience in working with Microsoft Azure, hence we will be a right choice for your next cloud project. Microsoft Azure Cloud Consultants at Innovalabs will guide you throughout the entire process, so you can shift your business to the cloud and take the maximum advantage!

Industries benefiting from Cloud Computing


Most manufacturing companies have to manage supply chain which requires a huge database. Managing physical databases and servers can become costly, hence Cloud can reduce the expense of storage and maintenance. It also provides inbuilt security management.


Finance companies have utilized technology to the fullest, it uses IoT, ML and AI to gather and process data, and automate processes. Cloud providers have end to end encryption solution to securely store data which can help them build trust with the customers.


Education is right and everyone is entitled to it. With the introduction of cloud, many educational institutions can provide free or cheap education to students across the world.


Technology has played an important role in Healthcare, our team can help you build HIPAA compliant web application for tracking patient health. It can help build cost effective applications to provide healthcare at poor countries.

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